The Drive

We started the trip at around eleven o’clock. Fred was the driver while Chloe and I, enjoyed the ride with the beautiful scenery along the way. The day was beautiful. The flowers blooming and the green trees gave it a splendid touch. After about just thirty minutes, Chloe started saying she needed to go to the bathroom. Fred stopped at a rest area where I took her to the bathrooms. We also used the stop to take pictures of us on the benches placed around the area for future memories. We got back in the car then drove for a few minutes before stopping again for fuel. Since there was a convenience store at the gas station, I walked in and bought three bags of chips as snacks.

We later arrived at my mother in law’s place just a few minutes to two o’clock. As we drove in the compound, I saw her emerging from the front door and waved to us. She was smiling. Her beautiful smile always welcomed me in her house. We got out of the car and walked to where she was standing. Fred leaned in and gave her a hug. She then kissed him on the cheeks before giving me a hug as well.

“Welcome!” she said while pointing us to the house.

“Thank you.” I replied.

She picked up Chloe and tickled her. She started laughing as they walked in the house.

I picked up the luggage and followed them in the house.

The house had been redone. It had been painted again. The walls were previously off while and gold on some areas but now it was just white!. It looked beautiful. The stairs had been colored black which gave a great contrast in the house.

A lady, in the maids uniform, came and greeted me. She then picked up all the bags that we came with and took it upstairs.

“Hey Catherine, come here.” Fred’s mum shouted.

They were standing on the other side of the living room looking over a huge fish tank. I have never seen that size of an aquarium that big. The blue light made it so good.

Chloe was standing next to it trying to touch the fish. I knelt beside her and pointed a goldfish. She smiled and said “cute.”

“That is a goldfish.” I said to her.

“Goldfish.” She said after me.

I looked at the different species of the fish in there. Some I had never seen before.

“What type of fish is that?” I asked pointing to a worm shaped and had barbels on its mouth.

“That’s a Cobitidae.” Fred’s mum replied.

“I have never seen such a fish before.”

“That shows you how many species are there in the world that we do not know about.”

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