Come Here

After the pizza dinner, we prepared for bed. I helped Chloe brush her teeth. Afterwards, I took her to bed, kissed her goodnight then switched off the light. I walked over to my bedroom and undressed.  As I was tying up a scarf over my hair, I kept thinking about tomorrow. I was really looking forward to attending church. I hoped that I would be able to make it for the ten o’clock service. It is usually just an hour and a half long. Short enough to keep you interested and keen on hearing the word of God.

I had just got in bed when Fred held my hand. I looked at him confused.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Come here.” he said showing me a spot next to him.

I knew what this would lead to…sex! Fred has recently opted for weird ways to express his love or feelings towards me.

I moved closer to him and lay down facing him.

He touched my face then leaned in and kissed me. He did it slowly and passionately. He then stopped abruptly then looked at me.

I did not do anything. I looked at his droopy eyes then his lips. It was clear I wanted more. He responded to me and kissed me more. After a few minutes, his right hand started exploring my body. I was only dressed in panties and a tank top. He caressed my boobs slowly making my nipples hard, but not too hard. As soon as I started moaning, he moved his mouth and started licking the boobs.

He moved slowly to my genitalia and did the same. This took me by surprise. He was not such a big fan of oral but he did the most with his tongue that I had an orgasm. I was moaning his name while trying to hold his head. I wanted him inside me. I tried begging him to start the stoke game but he teased me. He continued licking my clit.

I could not take it anymore. I grabbed him and pushed him to the bed. I then put my legs apart on his torso and started kissing him. I was now in charge. I kissed his shoulder, chest then went down on him. I licked the erection until I felt he was ready for it then I rode him. Since I was wet, I glide on smoothly. I had put my left leg on the bed while the right leg was bed at the knee. This made the riding on top of his so easy and enjoyable. My heart was pounding now. I knew I was about to cum. I increased the pace of the strokes and as I was moaning, Fred knew that it was time. He held my waist and rhythmically, we reached 7th Heaven.


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