The bedside alarm rang at exactly 6am. I stretched my hands and put it off. Slowly, I turned to the other side of the bed only to find Fred missing. I sat up and saw a beam of light under the door so I walked to check on what he was upto.
I found him in the living room with one of his friend’s laptop. He seemed so distracted.
“Good morning.”
“Morning dear. You are up already.” He replied not raising his head up.
“Yes. What time did you wake up?” I asked.
“At around 4am.” He replied placing the laptop on the table.
“So any progress?”
“I have managed to work on the two laptops. Only this one remaining.” He said then stood up.
“That is nice. Let me prepare something for breakfast.” I said.
I walked to the bedroom, made the bed then took a shower. After I was done dressing up, I went to the kitchen to start preparing breakfast. I tried removing sausages from the freezer but they were stuck. I decided to boil two eggs. Next, I made some coffee, then boiled some milk and put aside since I was not sure if he will have cereals or just coffee. I put all the items on a tray then added four bananas and took it to the living room. I found him already dressed up and was watching CNN.
“Thank you.” He said.
In silence, we had our breakfast while watching news. After we were done, I washed the used utensils then went to check on Chloe. She was still sleeping.
“What time will you leave the house?” I asked Fred.
“At around 8.30am.” He answered. “I am to be in the office by 9am since other staff went for training.”
“Okay. Ill be leaving to the office now. When the nanny comes, please ask her to give Chloe the cereals set out on the kitchen counter. Milk is still in the fridge.”
“See you later.” I said then leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
I drove to the office and started looking at the applications that had been sent in. I narrowed it all down to the best five candidates then asked the receptionist to call them for me. I asked them to each come a particular time from 10am on Friday for the interviews. I selected the best in terms of experience. Most times, experience outweighs a degree.

I followed with an email with different heads of departments to inform them of the interviews. I also invited the Accounts Department manager, Mrs. Wright, and my assistant to be avail themselves as panelists for the interviews.

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