Fred arrived like an hour after I had arrived. He looked so wasted. His laptop bag hang loose on his shoulder. He had already removed his tie. His shirt was unbuttoned to the second hole. 
“Hellos.” He said while walking past us to the bedroom. 
I placed Chloe on the floor so that she could continue playing with the toys while I went to check on him.
“Hey, are you okay?” I asked standing on the doorway.
“I’m so tired.” He replied lifting his left leg then removed his socks.
“Sorry about that.” 
“We were about to eat. Can I serve you as well?”
“No, I think I will take a shower first. Ill eat thereafter.”
“Okay. We will be in the living room.”
I walked back to find Chloe trying to eat her foot. Time for food! I warmed her food and went back to feed her. She ate her food well and in a few minutes, she was done. I served myself then we watched TV together. Today, we were watching Courage the Cowardly Dog cartoon.
Fred joined us wearing a white t-shirt and black boxers. He had warmed his food already. 
“Please give me the remote.” He asked.
I passed him the remote and he changed the channel to a news station. Immediately, Chloe started to cry. 
“Daddy, daddy. I want Courage.” Chloe started crying. Tears were streaming down her face.
Fred looked at me then changed the channel back to cartoon network. Chloe stopped crying and sat down on the carpet to continue watching it.
I laughed.
“So how was your day?” He asked.
“It was good. Busy but okay.” 
“I decided to take on some other part time jobs but it is really weighing me down.” Fred started.
“Since when?”
“So what were you to do?”
“I thought I should do some maintenance and consultancy work. When I spread word around, I got lots of work but crazy deadlines. I do not know how I will manage.”
“Maybe you should only take one job first until you finish before you start another.”
“Good idea but I already have some pending work. I was to check three laptops for my pals.”
“Just try to clear it then start small.” I assured him. “Just be careful that this should not distract you from your main job. It will cost you a lot.”
After he was done, we washed the utensils and called it a night. 

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