We reached home in about twenty minutes. It was dark and silent. Fred’s sister was already asleep. We tiptoed to our bedroom, then relaxed. I then took a shower, went to Chloe’s bedroom and checked on her. She was sleeping in her cot so gracefully. I noticed that she was not changed to her sleeping dress. Odd! I had clearly indicated what was needed to be done.
Anyway, I went back to my bedroom only to find Fred sleeping on top of the bed. He was snoring. No need to wake him up. I joined him.
In the morning, I was awoken by the rich aroma of eggs. Who would be cooking them? I looked at my cellphone and noticed it was 7.30am. Fred was still sleeping besides me. Could Fred’s sister be up already? I dragged my body out of the bed, did a quick shower then walked to the living room. She was seated at the couch having breakfast.
“Good morning.” I said.
She did not respond. She instead continued eating the scrambled eggs.
I looked at her in disbelief. 
“Is everything okay?” I asked.

“Yes.” She responded looking at the television.

Since she was not willing to talk, I walked to the fridge, poured a glass of apple juice then picked two sausages that had been prepared. I ignored the eggs. I walked back to the bedroom. No need of siting with people who are not keen on having a conversation. Fred was still sleeping. I took my phone and looked up at my social media accounts.

After I was done, I returned the utensils back to the kitchen. Since there was also other items in the sink, I started washing them. I could see Fred’s sister behind me but I continued washing. She paced around then finally gave me her cup and saucer.

“If you have a problem with me then just say so!”

“I don’t.” She replied.

“Then why are you not talking to me?” I asked.

“I just don’t get you.” She started. “Why on earth would you wear something like that?”

“What?” I asked looking at my clothes. I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

“Not that. I have a problem of what you wore yesterday evening.” She replied raising her voice.

“What was the issue?”

“The length! How could you be comfortable wearing that?” She asked giving me a full body stare.

“It was okay for me.” I replied then turned back to continue washing the utensils.

“No it was not. You are a mother now. How can you wear something that short especially outside the house?”

“I have no problem with the length my dear. It is the same way I can wear a bikini. How comes no one raises an issue with that? Besides, my husband liked it.”

She clicked.

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