Getting The Jiggy On

“Does your sister have a problem with me?” I asked while we were at the parking. We were outside the car on the trunk looking towards the distance.
“What?” He asked.
“I think she might have a problem with me.” I continued. “I think maybe I have not done something right or my dressing irked her.”
“Nah. I would have known if there was an issue. We are close and she can tell me anything.”
“Okay, maybe I got paranoid again.” I said placing my hands on his waist.
He stretched his hand to me and pulled me close to him. He then turned, lifted me on top of the trunk and kissed me. Passionately!
“Have you stopped being paranoid?” He asked in between the kisses.
“Yes.” I let out a whisper.
“I love you. You should not let another person come between your happiness.” He added. “You are perfect to me.”
I kissed him back. He held my head towards him and this continued until we heard a noise.
     Cough, cough

The coughing was coming from behind Fred. I stopped kissing then looked behind only to find the guard looking at us. He was not happy. I tried pulling my dress down while Fred adjusted his pants.
“Excuse me, I will have to ask you to leave.” He said looking at us suspiciously.
“Why?” Fred asked.
“You cannot do that here.” He replied. “You have to take it somewhere else.”
“Okay.” I said and entered into the car. 
Fred followed and started the engine. As we were driving outside the compound, we started laughing. That was the most awkward thing ever. The guard caught us in a compromising situation. My short dress was pulled all the way up! Oh God! 
“I don’t know why but I wanna do that again?” Fred said as we joined the highway.
“What?” I asked not sure where this was heading to.
“The kissing. I feel like am seventeen again.” Fred said.
“I feel odd.” I said. “What if someone else saw us?”
“What’s bad about it? We were just having fun.”

“I was terrified.”

He laughed. “Lets go finish what we started back in the house.

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