The next day, Chloe was released from the hospital. She had greatly improved. Her cute smile was back. I got a call from Fred that he was waiting for us at the parking lot. I had spent the night at the hospital keeping her company. During the night, she was without any discomfort although her temperatures was still up.
We got dischaged after about 30 minutes. The long complicated process was so tiring but at least we managed. During the trip home, Fred put on some music and to our surprise, Chloe started humming to it. We looked at each other then laughing. She was moving her head from side to side trying to sing along.
“Do you want to pass by the supermarket and get anything?” Fred asked.
“We can pass by and get some more diapers for the baby.” I responded.
“What about fruits and some juice?”
“Oh yes…We  have to get them as well.”
The store was a bit empty. A bit wierd as I was used to the human traffic. We did our shopping under ten minutes and we went home. I heated some water, put it on her basin. As I was undressing her, I noticed the rashes that the doctor was telling about us about. It was on her lower back. It had dried up a bit guess from the treatment she had received.
I then went ahead to prepare a fruit smoothie. Chloe loves smothies. I figured I should make banana and an orange smoothie. I combined the fruits in a blender alongside almond extract. I blended until thick and smooth. Chloe was so eager to drink it all. Once I gave her, she soon fell asleep on the couch. Fred took her to the bedroom.
“You should rest.” He said noticing that I was still trying to clean up the kitchen.
“I know but I can’t leave the kitchen like this.”
“It’s okay, ill clean it up.” He said. “I had asked for a day off so am around.”
“Wow, thanks.” I responded.
“I think you have done a lot so far. Take a rest.”
“Thanks babe.” I said as I leaned in and gave him a kiss.
I packed the extra smoothie then put it in the refrigerator. 
I had a shower then took a nap. My body was in pain because of the small bed I had to do with in the hospital. I was all cramped up in it. The room specification documents states that the wards provide an extra bed for parents but all I got was a raw deal.

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