Staff Appraisal

“Have you finished with those files?” My boss shouted from her office.
“Not yet.” I replied to her.
“Why?” She asked. “I thought you promised that you would be done by today?”
“Yes I did. I’m sorry.”
“Yes you should be.” She said while looking at her wrist watch. “I’m getting late for a meeting at the Brookside Towers. Send me the report on my email by 6pm.”
She left my office and went back to hers to pick her laptop and handbag. She banged the door and left.
I was currently working on the staff appraisal file and the deadline was really putting a lot of pressure on me. Mrs Wright was to look at the final review before she would approve the salary increment on the staff or any other recommendations. Since we had so much to do during the earlier days on the year, we had decided to do the appraisal in mid April. I was alone in my department hence the delay.
I dropped the pen that I was holding in my right hand and stood up to stretch. I was so tired. I walked to the open space area and took some water from the dispenser. The cold flow of water down my throat came as a relief that I had been looking for. I threw the plastic cup in the bin nearby and went back to my desk to try and complete the work.
After an hour or so, I was done. I went over the report and after confirming everything was as okay, I sent it to Mrs. Wright through the office email. 
The computer clock indicated it was 5.45pm. At least I managed to send it before the time she gave me. I packed my stuff, cleared the desk and left to my house.
Fred was seated on the couch, feet on the table holding Chloe on his left side. Both of them were watching the telly. 
“Chloe, there is mama.” Fred said as I came in. 
The baby turned her head towards me, smiled and lifted her tiny arms towards me.
“Come to mama!” I said as I picked her up. I kissed her on the cheeks then leaned in to give one to Fred.
“How are you?” I asked.
“I’m good. You? Today you came in a bit late.” He asked.
“Yea, I had a deadline to beat. But I finished the reports.” I replied placing Chloe into his arms again.
“That’s good.” Fred assured me.
I sat down and removed the heels that I had. My feet were killing me. 
“I’m so hungry.” I said.
“There is some mashed potatoes and stew in the fridge.” Fred responded. “Can we warm it up for you?”
“Thanks but let me go get a shower then ill warm it as soon as am done.”

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