Foot in the Mouth

When I stepped into her room, Ann was lying on her bed in a side position away from the door.
“Is my baby alright?”
I wasn’t sure how to reply that question so I just shook my head.
She gave me a grim look, shook her head and a tear streamed down her face from the left eye. 
“No.” She whispered.
“I’m sorry.” I said while trying to comfort her.
“Why did God take her away?” She cried holding tightly to the bedsheets. “What did I do?”
I stayed silent. I should not have said anything. The doctors should been the one to talk to her. Me and my big mouth!
After a few minutes, Ann stopped crying. She sat up in her bed and gave me a hug. 
“Please make sure Mike does not know about this. It will really affect his job.” She said. 
I nodded.
The nurse interrupted us politely asking me to leave Ann to rest. I leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek then stepped out to the corridor. I stood at the hallway for a minute blinking several times to hold the tears. Ann was going through much.
I removed my phone from the side pocket of my trousers and called Fred. By now he would be at work.
“Hey dear.” He started.
“Hey, I’m okay. Ann received the necessary treatment and needs to stay overnight at the hospital.” I replied.
“What was the issue?” Fred asked.
“She had a miscarriage.”
“What? That’s so sad.” He exclaimed. “That’s tough. How far was she?”
“About four months.”
“Wow. Do you think that we should call Mike? He ought to be here.”
“No, no, no. That’s the reason why am calling.” I replied. “Ann told me not to call Mike.”
“He is working outside town and if we tell him the news at the moment, it might really affect his work and his journey back.”
“Oh, okay.” He said. “What about you? Are you okay?” 
“Kinda. But I still have to go to work.”
“Do you have to?” He asked. “You should take a rest.”
“I know but I have a lot of work waiting for me. I will manage.” I replied.

“Alright dear, Ill call you in a few hours to check up on you.”

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