Morning After

The nurse came back later and put a drip and connected it from my hand. It was a bit painful when the needle was inserted but it went well. I got two other drips. I did not get the energy to ask why. All I wanted was to go home. The night was long, very long. The ceiling white color made it worse!

Fred went home when the visiting hours had ended at eight at night. I was left really worried and sleep was a distance away. I switched on the television and put on some cartoons. Teletubbies was being shown. How crazy can this fat things get?

In the morning, the nurse came to my bed and opened the curtains. I pulled back the duvet and asked if i could do a shower. She said yes and I was shown where it was. I went and stood at the shower. The warm water was so tender to my skin. I slithered myself with soap, rinsed and got out. On the bed, there was another hospital gown folded ready for me to wear. Whoever designed this dresses needs to be shot. Why in heavens name did they make the gowns that are open all the way at the back?

I went back and slept at the neatly made bed. It was comfortable. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep only to be awoken by the t.v. It was so loud. Apparently, the next patient on the other bed was changing the channels and put on a music station.

That music was so depressing I felt like I should just walk to the reception and take a taxi home. No..I took a deep breath and just held my breath. I opened one drawer and called Fred.

“Yes baby.” he said.

“Morning, can you come over to the hospital?”

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes, I think. I just need to get out of here. I am tired.”

“Okay, I will be there in a few minutes. Hold on tight.”

“Thanks dear.”

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