Back to Work

The Alarm sounded at exactly 5.15am.
I turned and hit the snooze button. After five minutes, it rang again. I put it off and woke up. I went to the bathroom and had a shower before coming back to dress up. Fred was still in bed. I looked at the table clock and saw it was already 5.43am. He was going to be late. I tagged him forcing him to wake up.
“You are going to be late.” I said while applying some lotion on my legs.
“You are going to be late!” I shouted at him and left the room to the kitchen where I started preparing breakfast. I heated the milk which I put in the flask, toasted some slices of bread then prepared some fruits. I then sat on the couch and started having my breakfast.
After a few minutes, Fred came and joined me. We ate in silence. We then brushed our teeth and left the house. I drove us to work. Today he was the passenger. A very silent one!
At my office, I started doing my work and trying to finish up on some deadlines I had.
Mrs. Wright was in the office too but she was having a video link with some clients abroad. At around ten, Fred popped into my office, closed the door and sat down on the left chair facing me.
“I’m sorry Kate.” He started while raising his right arm to his head. “I didn’t mean to come home that late.”
I looked at him and continued typing some data on the computer.
“Kate, can’t you see I am making an effort here? Please stop with the computer!” He shouted.
I didn’t say anything. I just looked at him.
“After the game Mike and I went for some drinks. I didn’t mean to come that late at home. I am so sorry.”
“Okay” I said and continued to type.
Suddenly, he grabbed my left wrist.
“Kate, really? Is that all you are going to say?”
“Fred you hurting my wrist!” I said. “And besides, why are you bringing our personal issues into the office?”
“I can’t work well knowing that you are angry with me.” He said releasing my hand. “You need to say something to me even if it’s insulting me.”
“I can’t deal with this now.” I snapped and walked out of the office towards the washroom.
He followed.
I quicken my steps and locked myself into one of the cubicles. I didn’t hear him. He must have gone to the Gents. Phew! Dealing with personal issues in the office was hard. How are people going to react when they found out that Fred and I are having issues? Nkt!
I slowly opened the door and walked back to the office. He was not there. I sat down and started working on the file I was doing. Work must be done whether I was mad or happy.

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