Bed Issues

Ladies, do any of you ever have issues regarding sex? I do. The dryness, the pain and just lazy to do it. There are days when I don’t feel the need to get or have sex. My hormones are just off. This is not to say Fred is wack in bed, it’s just that there are times I would comfortably choose to sleep rather than do it. He is a good guy, very romantic and would go all the way to make sure you get what you desire. But no matter what styles you use to make it interesting, you rather chose to speed it up and get over it.
For example, the next day after the Fred and I indulged in some sex, I woke up yearning for some more sex. I reached out to the bed and got hold of Fred. After fondling him for some time, he got aroused and started with the whole process. This may sound funny but I ended up pushing him away! I was so tired I couldn’t see myself riding him. My hormones had also decided to run away too – I was dry as a maize cob. My urges had disappeared. Poor dude! He was so frustrated with me since am the one who initiated it. He stood up, threw the sheets at me and went to the shower.
I was left in the bed not knowing if to laugh or not. I felt guilty. I rolled over and went to the magazine rack that I had and got hold of the latest issue of “Cosmopolitan”.  I flipped over the pages until I came across an article that was discussing the issue that I had in hand. According to this article, it was started that 67% of women just have sex to please their partners and not themselves. They just participate in it to show their ‘love’. I think I am among them!!!
The article went further to list things on how to improve the performance of our participation in the love making process. Weird! I knew all of  them so that means I wasn’t doing anything wrong. What if the hormones have issues? The article didn’t have that so I goggled from my phone. Oh my! I wasn’t the only one asking the same questions. Hahahaha!
Fred was still in the shower probably doing other things. I went and opened the bathroom door and let myself in. He was initially surprised to find me there but he went ahead to do what he was doing. I held him by the waist and apologized to him for my behavior earlier on. What happened next was everyone’s imagination! We did it and I didn’t complain. Sometimes the best was to deal the issue is to just shut up and try as much as possible to enjoy it even though you aren’t.

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