Talk with mother-in-law

 Why is it that most aunties and old people insist on asking someone on the issue of kids? I can’t remember the number of times I was asked that question that Saturday at Fred’s cousin’s place.
“When are we going to expect grandkids?”
“When are you planning to start a family?”
Damn! Those questions really bother me. Can they just leave someone to it and mind their own business?
We spent the whole day there and unexpectedly, we spent the night there too. The men had drunk themselves silly and there was no way he could drive us back. We were not prepared to spend there but Fred’s mum really insisted especially on the issue of safety. As the men continued to drink themselves silly, I went inside the house and sat alone in the lounge area. Fred’s mum noticed how uncomfortable I was since I didn’t have clothes to change into and she ordered some clothes to be brought in my size from a store nearby so that I could wear the following day.  I talked to her after some of the guests had left and we had the house to ourselves. She asked me how I was doing. I guessed she wanted to find out if I had recovered from the operation that I had. She offered her assistance to us incase we needed any help getting to any doctor in the country to help us in the reproductive issue.
I was a bit shy talking to her about the matter but she made me feel so comfortable so I raised my fears. I was afraid I wouldn’t give birth or be woman enough for her son. It scared me! When I finished talking, I looked at her and noticed she was crying quietly. I didn’t know what to do so I sat there until she was through sobbing.
She held my hand so tight and she started telling me on how I shouldn’t give up so quickly on starting a family. Most people have issues on getting kids but I should be patient and wait for it to come through God’s grace.  She also told me on how she struggled for a while before she got her first born. She had trouble conceiving and despite going to different doctors for help, she got her wish when she was least expecting it.  
She said all this smiling and I could see the joy in her heart.
“I’ll give you contacts of the best doctor in the country so that he could check you out and rule out any issue.”  She said.
“Thank you.” I said.                                                                


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    I am really sorry about the delayed posts. I was really busy and couldn't manage to write the stories. I assure you as from next week the posts will continue without a hitch and they will be interesting.

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