Saturday trip

The coming Saturday, we were on our way to Fred’s cousin place on the other side of town. Actually it was out of town since we had to drive for almost an hour. They were having a get together for all the family members and I was to be there. No talking out of it. I was so nervous about the whole meeting with the inlaws but Fred convinced me to tag along.
I wore a yellow cotton dress that reached to my knees. It was perfect for the hot weather and also try to impress the family. Fred was in his casual self by wearing a white t-shirt and dark blue jeans. He drove us to his cousin’s place. The drive offered a great view of the valleys that I had always heard about.
By eleven thirty, we reached our destination. As we approached the house, I noticed that the whole of this family had come out to enjoy themselves. Children were running around with most adults seated across the compound engaging to each other.
“Are we the last ones to arrive?” I asked aloud.
“Nah, I don’t think so. There will always be last minute ones.” Fred answered as we got out of the car.
Most guys came over and greeted us as we walked over to join them. I remember seeing them at the wedding but couldn’t remember their names. The introductions went on for quite some time and I was really getting tired of it. Fred’s dad and mum came and received me and directed me to a place to sit. I felt relieved. My mother in law then served me a glass of cold apple juice.  The dad asked if I was doing okay and I answered yes. I told them a bit of how my job was and he seemed impressed.
Fred joined me later with a big glass of beer.  By then, his cousins had joined me and started chatting. It was really interesting. They were talking on how it was when they were growing up, all naughty! They have been having these parties every year at a different place even at a hotel.
I looked around the compound and several activities were taking place. They had hired caterers who were preparing food and barbeque the meat. They were at one corner of the compound. The kids were on the swings which were on the lawn. The house itself was really beautiful having the design of ancient houses but with a twist. Its grey colors gave it a story behind it.
Two caterers came over our table and served us the barbequed meat. We had this accompanied with the food they had prepared. Our glasses were filled with whichever drink we were having from beer to fruit juices. This afternoon really unfolded well. It was nice to catch up with my ‘other’ family.

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