Pilau anyone?

Back in the office, the work load was from hell! The files that I had to do since my head of department was not in including handling the staff since Mrs. Wright was not in. After working to almost 3.30pm, I was so tired I went online.
I have never been a fan of purchasing stuff online. I have managed to buy a couple of stuff over the years but have not yet been trustful to the whole dimension. Have you guys tried it? Any issues that came up while you are transacting?
Today, I checked out a site that was selling women stuff. The handbags are really nice, from designer to street value bags. Next, I checked out the dresses category and there were a selection of clothes from size six to sixteen. At least they catered for the everyday woman. I was not attracted to any of the clothes so I moved on to the accessory category.  Rings, hair accessories, bangles, necklaces and other stuff were shown. They were all beautiful but I opted out. I didn’t purchase anything but rather go to the stores myself and buy it.
I read some celebrity news, and then read the papers from all over the world. Damn, it was really depressing. It was all about the floods in China, the fighting in Egypt, the Boston terrorism case that was to start in America etc. It’s really sad that this is all happening!
I was getting bored so I left the office thirty minutes early and passed by the market on the way home. I bought some cooking stuff then went home. I was really anxious to try out a new recipe that I had just downloaded from the net. It was some kind of rice called ‘Pilau’. If you can remember, when we went for honeymoon to Kenya, I fell in love with the Kenyan delicacy. It is rice but cooked with some kind of spices and meat. It was really nice. It brings out a nice aroma to the food that you would indulge in more of that.
Mmmhhh.. thanks to the spices, the whole house was really smelling nice. Although it did not look like the one we were served on the Indian Ocean beach, I had really tried. You guys should try this at home. Just go to Google and type Pilau recipe. You will get different methods of cooking depending if you are cooking with either beef or chicken. It’s good to try out different types of cooking rather than sticking to the ones we are used to, right?
When Fred came in later in the night, I served him and waited to see if he could remember when we had it. I served the rice on a rather flat plate, with some meat stew on the side. The brownish color of the rice really looked good. He looked curiously at the food before having a bite. He chewed then swallowed.
He looked at me then asked. “Where did you buy this?”
“I cooked.”
“No you didn’t.” he said.
“I really did cook it.” I replied trying to convince him.
“Where did you get the recipe from because you haven’t flown all the way to East Africa to get it?”
“I goggled.”                                                                
“Oh that! I should have guessed. It’s really delicious baby.”
“Thanks. I thought I should surprise you today.”
“You did…maybe we should go back to Kenya soon.”

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