“Let’s do lunch at Jo’s.” Fred suggested. “It has been a while.”
“Okay.” I responded. “I need a change anyways.”
We left the office and went downtown to the famous joint. Jo’s is a small establishment located in the heart of the city that serves beverages and home cooked meal. It was started in the middle 90’s by a couple who wanted a change in food presentation. Despite the changes in technology, political atmosphere, economy challenges and tastes, the joint has maintained itself as the go to zone if you want a good cooked meal.
We walked in and found the place really busy but managed to get a seat on one corner of the restaurant. The orders were taken and we waited a bit before we were brought the chicken stew and rice. Yum yum! It had been a while since I had good food like this. Fred seemed to be enjoying his meal too since he finished his plate in minutes before starting to scope on my mine! This really reminded me of our earlier dates with Fred. We used to explore new places and have dinner together.
Later on, we walked to the office slowly. We still had time before two o’clock and besides the boss was not coming back. As we took the last corner to the street that housed our office, we met with Mike carrying a bouquet of yellow roses. It was a pleasant surprise.
“What’s up dude? What are you doing this sides?” Fred asked him while giving him the boy hug.
“What’s up!” he responded then turned back to me. “Hi Kate.”
“We are good.”                           
“I was just from the flower shop down the street. Thought I should get these flowers for Ann.” Mike said.
“”Aaawww….” I started.
“Stop it Kate.” He said cutting me short.
We bust out laughing.
“She would really like them. It would be a nice surprise for her.” Fred said.
“Yea, thought so too.” Mike added. “So where are you guys from?”
“We went to Jo’s for lunch. It’s when we are heading back to work.”
“Okay then, I’ll leave you to head back. In the meantime, let me go check my family.” He said with a delight on his face.
“Say hi to them all.” Fred said. “Talk later.”

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