3 Hours

After a few minutes of trying to compose myself, I called Fred. He had to know about this and be close to me as much as possible. I needed him now more than ever.
“Hey dear…” I called.
“Yes Kate, how are you? I have been expecting you back here.” He responded.
“I know and am so sorry about the delay but something came up.” I said.
“What is it?”
“Can you make to came over here please?” I asked.
“Kate, what is going on?” he asked.
“I am at the hospital dear. The one near my mum’s place. You remember it?”
“What is it?”
“I can’t tell you over the phone. Can you please come over?”
“Okay, let me sort some things then am on my way.”
We hang up and I went to the waiting room with mum to wait. The doctor came and informed us that he had set up the surgery in three hours. I crossed my fingers hoping that Fred would make it to see me before I go in.  I had the urge to text Ann and share with her the sad news but thought that it would cause her so much stress considering she had a new baby. Waiting for someone when you have so little time seems like eternity.  I kept looking at the watch after every minute thinking the time would change but nah!
“Catherine, you have to be prepared for surgery.” The nurse called out.
Three hours were over already? Damn! I was getting nervous…my hubby hadn’t shown up yet. I was going in for a major surgery and he was not anywhere near here. I tried his cell again but he just said he was on his way. I looked at the two nurses in front of me and could tell I couldn’t be given more time. I hugged my mother with tears streaming down my face. Mum said a prayer for me then I followed the nurses to the other room.

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