“So you think we can start trying for a baby?” Fred asked when we made love that night.
“Huh?” I responded.
“I think it’s time we started thinking about having a baby.” He said.
“I was rather enjoying the adventure.” I replied. “Having a baby is a task.”
“I know. We can just enjoy the lovemaking until the baby comes.” He said.
“Are you ready for one?” I asked.
“I think I am. We are at a happy moment of our lives and the little one can as well as enjoy. What do you think?” he asked.
“I think it’s a bit soon.”
“Kate, but it might not happen right away. Just try to enjoy the moment and everything will fall in place.” He said running his fingers on my hair.
“I know.” I said. “I have been on contraceptives for a while now and guess I’ll have to stop.”
“I hope I am not pushing you into this.”
“No, you are not. It was about time anyway.” I reassured him.
“Good.” He added. “Guess it won’t hurt to start practicing.”
He proceeded to kiss my lips and it was then that I automatically knew what he meant.
We both laughed and started foreplay.
Ann and I met the following day after work at a cupcakes shop. As we waited for our orders, we took time to catch up on each other lives. It seemed like a lot of stuff had happened that I wasn’t aware of.  Apparently, Ann had a scare a few days ago when she spotted some blood stains on her underwear. She went into shock and ran hysterically to Mike. They went to hospital and got checked out but luckily it wasn’t something serious. Ann also told me how her cravings have increased especially during the night times.
“I am really craving junk food.” Ann said. “I can’t stop eating them.”
“Like what?” I asked.
“I really crave French fries especially at night. It is so bad that it has already caused friction between Mike and me. I keep on waking him up at midnight demanding them!”
 “Are you serious?” I asked.
“Very serious.”  She replied “There have been several instances where he actually went and bought them for me.”
“Yea, it is really hard to control the craving. If I don’t have the food, I turn into a mad woman.”
“So how is the pregnancy?”
“I can’t wait to pop out the kid. It is really tiring especially right now. Only a few weeks to go then I can relax!”
“You call having a baby relaxing?” I asked. “You are in for a shock!”
“But I am tired!”
“I know. Days are going so fast and in no time, you will have the bundle of joy.” I consoled her.
“Thank you. On that note, why haven’t they brought our cupcakes?” She shouted. “Can’t they see a pregnant woman here?”
We laughed out loud. Clearly, this woman has issues.
“I will miss taking advantage of being pregnant. It has saved me a lot!” Ann said pointing to her tummy.

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