Christmas Eve

The holidays were finally here!
The journey to Fred’s home seemed a little bit shorter compared to last time. Maybe it was because I was now used to it, or maybe my excitement on meeting my in-laws! Besides spending time with the family, the trip would provide the perfect opportunity for me to thank them for the work and assistance they provided to us during our wedding not forgetting the honeymoon.
The gate to the estate was opened by a gateman who waved us happily. As we approached the house, we saw Fred’s dad on the doorway ready to receive us into the house. He was dressed in an off white shirt with black trousers. His shoes really caught my eyes; they were made of leather and looked expensive. We got out of the car and walked towards him with our luggage. Fred was the first to hug him then I followed. He hugged me tight like he had just received his long lost daughter.
“Welcome.” He said directing us to the house.
The whole family was inside the house waiting for us. Greeting s went around as we were welcomed. Fred’s mum helped me with the bags and showed me a room at the end of the house where we would be spending. It was a corner room and it was much bigger than the other room I spent on during my last visit. I removed my sweater and joined the family in the lounge area.
“Glad you guys made it.” Fred’s dad started. “I was worried you wouldn’t come.”
“We had planned to come. Sorry about being late, there was traffic along the way.” Fred answered.
“Oh well, welcome home.” He said.                               
“Thank you.” I replied.
“Honey, bring them a drink.” Father said to his wife.
Fred’s mum came with drinks for all of us in the room. His auntie helped in serving us as we were asked about work and our visit to Kenya.
“Thank you so much for the honeymoon package. It was a nice adventure.” I said.
“I knew you guys would like it.” He added. “That place is like a little heaven on earth.”
As Fred continued giving them the adventures we had in Africa, I looked at my wrist watch. It was 3p.m! I was surprised. We had left the city around eleven o’clock then passed by the mall to pick up a few gifts for the family. We later found traffic back log near the main highway on our way here. We were scheduled to arrive here by 2pm but we had lost an hour on the road!
“By the way, we had brought you guys some gifts from Kenya. We bought them from the Maasai people.” Fred said as he came into the room.
We distributed the items to them all. We had selected on who would get what particular gift so it was easy to give out. Fred’s dad was excited by the carved keychain he was given. Fred’s mum and auntie got sandals with beads embroidered on them while the others got bracelets. They all marveled and asked questions on how much they cost as the artistry that went into them was good.
The rest of the afternoon was more enjoyable. We sat by the gazebo drinking wine while telling each other stories. I had a good laugh. The stories were funny or so I thought. Maybe I was tipsy from all the drinking. Tomorrow was Christmas….can’t wait!!

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