Different Man

As I cleaned out the room, my anger slowly calmed. I knew I was fighting a never ending battle. My marriage was becoming real. Fred was the perfect guy when we were dating. He always gave me a helping hand in whatever I needed to do. Then came the rings binding us together and the real him came out. I have no regrets on the decision I made marrying him but it gets frustrating at times. I was getting tired of his mess, picking after his socks thrown all over the place and used utensils left at the table when he was done. My attempts to talk to him didn’t help. He changed but after a few days, he returned to his old ways.
As I waited for dinner to cook, I went outside on the back balcony and called my aunt Tina. I was really close to her. I wanted to talk to her about my frustrations at my marriage. Aunt Tina had also had the best of both worlds. Her marriage was a mix between honeymoon phases to complete hell in a couple of hours. She was physically abused by her husband several times. Most women in her situation would have started a new life but she held on. I had never understood why but she treasured her children so much that she wouldn’t let them grown up without a father.
“Hello?” I asked.                                                                      
“Hey girly, what’s up?” She replied.          
“I’m good. Are you free tomorrow we catch up?”
“I’m free. Are you okay Catherine?”
“Yes Auntie. I really wanted to see you.”
“Alright then, come by the house tomorrow.”
“Thanks Auntie. Around noon is okay?” I asked.
“Noon is okay.”
“Alright, see you tomorrow.”
I returned to the kitchen and checked up on the dinner. It was ready. I served it and took a plate to Fred 
who was playing a game with the console. He didn’t even look up. He grabbed it and took a bite before continuing to play the game. I didn’t want to get mad so I had my dinner in the bedroom while reading a book I had bought two days before. After a few minutes, I changed before sleeping.
I opened my eyes and found that it was already morning. The sun rays penetrated through the windows making the room look bright. I checked up my phone. It was around nine. Fred was still sleeping maybe because of staying up late. I had a shower before preparing breakfast. Fred woke up later and came to the dining room, still in his shorts, and grabbed a slice of bread from my plate.
“Morning.”  I asked.
“Morning.” He replied then went back to the kitchen. He filled himself a cup of tea then came and sat beside me.
“What time did you come to bed last night?” I asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe around two o’clock?” he replied.
“Wow.” I said. “That game is really taking most of your time.”
“I guess, but it’s really good!”
“It’s addictive. Anyways, I am meeting up with Aunt Tina in a few.”
“Is she coming here?” He asked.
“No, I’ll be meeting with her at her place.”
“Pass my greetings.”

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