Room 207

Our journey back home appeared shorter. I didn’t want to leave Africa but I had my job and family waiting for me. Fred on the other hand just wanted go home.  He wanted to see the NBA games already.  I, on the other hand, was so anxious to start on our married life.
When we landed, we took a cab back home. Our flat was a mess.  While Fred took the suitcases to the bedroom, I remained in the other room removing my shoes.  I went to have a seat and noticed an envelope placed on the table. I picked it up and saw that it was written ‘Urgent’ on it. It was from Mike. The note contained only two sentences. It said “Please come to the Hospital as soon as you get this. Room 207.”
My heart stopped for a minute. I showed Fred the note and he seemed more worried than me. We quickly went to the hospital. We were so scared of what news awaited us. After about ten minutes, we reached the hospital and quickly rushed to reception where we were directed to the room. Ann and Mike were standing outside the room talking in hushed voices.
“Mike, what’s happening?” I asked.
“It’s your dad. He is admitted after he became sick.” Mike answered. “He is …..”
I didn’t wait for him to finish what he was saying as I pushed the door to the room and walked in. I saw my dad lying on the bed while Mum and my brother were standing beside him.
“Mum, what happened?” I asked.
“He suffered a heart attack three days ago.” Mum replied. “We brought him here and he was stabilized.”
“Why didn’t you guys inform us?” I asked angrily.
“We didn’t want to interfere with your honeymoon. Your dad insisted that we don’t contact you and besides, you guys didn’t take your mobile phones.”
I moved closer to the bed and held his hand.  He was warm. He still looked like the dad I had grown knowing. I looked around the room and noticed the huge machines attached to him. The beeping sounds made me even more scared. Tears started flowing down my face and Fred came and helped me sit on a chair placed in the room. I held onto Fred so tightly. I didn’t want him to leave me alone.  My brother left the room quickly and mum ran after him.
My heart was beating really fast. I was so scared. I was not ready for dad to leave us. I just got married a few days ago and he has not yet even seen my babies. I still needed his guidance on life. What would our family do without him? A doctor entered the room and greeted us before going to check on dad. He wrote down something on his file. I stood up and asked him if dad was okay.
“Yes, he is okay. We managed to stabilize him but he will have to stay here so that we can check on him.” The doctor answered.
“Will he be back to normal?” I asked.
“It depends but we will only know that when he wakes up. For now, we need to be hopeful.” He replied.

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