The Gift

Days to the wedding, I traveled to Fred’s home with the décor lady to view the site where we would set up the wedding and how she would arrange the decorations as I had ordered. I had ordered chairs, flowers and some tables from her. Since the compound was lined with trees which almost formed a canopy, I didn’t order a tent but rather we figured out a way on how the chairs would be arranged to keep the guest under a shade. This was really useful as it saved me a great deal in the budget. With all major points noted, we went about the bills and settled half of it with the rest being settled on the wedding day itself after the job was done.
Fred’s mom was inside the house when I went inside. She was with a stylist who was helping her choose what she would wear on the d-day. Money really makes the world go around. She had even her own stylist!
“Catherine, would you be a dear and go to my room and bring me a black box on my night stand?” She requested after the stylist left.
I went up the stairs to her room. I hadn’t stepped in it before so I was surprised to see how big the room was. It was the size of the current apartment that Fred and I lived in. On the table stand, I saw the small black box and took it downstairs.
“Here it is.” I said as I handled over the box.
“Please open it.”
I opened it and saw a shiny necklace. It was beautiful!
“It is yours dear.” Fred’s mom said while trying to put it on my neck.
“Thank you so much.” I said with a big smile on my face.
“I want you to wear on your wedding day. It was a gift from my mother on my wedding day and you would do me an honor to have it.”
“I don’t know what to say….”
“It is alright. You deserve it so much. You are pretty as the diamond itself.”
“Yes, it is a diamond necklace.”                         
“Oh God, but….”
“It’s yours my dear daughter.”
“Thank you so much.”

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