Bouncing Dates

I got a text from Fred in the evening before I left work. He was asking me to meet him at his apartment at around seven. I knew that Sam was going to be the subject of the evening. As I stepped out of the office, I headed home and did some ironing for some work clothes for the rest of the week. As Seven O’clock drew near, I took a shower and changed into some casual clothes and headed to Fred’s apartment.
Since I had the keys to his apartment I let myself in. The living room area was empty so I went and knocked to his bedroom door.
“Fred?” I called out.                                                               
No answer.                                                             
“Fred? Where are you?” I called again but all I got was dead silence.
I went to him bedroom and pushed the door. It opened. The room was so dark that I had to switch on the lights. There was no one so I left and went back to the living room and waited for him while catching up with some news. Fifteen minutes passed but he didn’t show up.  Where the hell could he be? I tried to call him but the calls went unanswered.  After three more tries, I gave up. I tried Mike at least to check up with him if he was with Fred.
“You guys together?” I asked.
“No. We saw each other in the morning before we left for work. Is there a problem?” he asked sounding really concerned.
“Not really. We were to meet at your apartment at seven but he hasn’t shown up. His calls are not going through.”
“I’m sorry about that but am sure he will show up soon. I’ll try making calls and let you know.”
“Okay, thanks.”
I decided to leave for my apartment. Besides, I was already feeling hungry and I wasn’t sure on what time Fred was going to show up. I passed by the cafeteria near my house and bought some takeaway fries and a piece of chicken. Walking back home alone in the dark really gave me time to ask myself questions regarding Fred. How can he promise to hook up with me at his house and not avail himself? I didn’t want to assume anything bad had happened because the other time I waited for him at my place, he ended up in hospital after an accident. So I kept my hopes alive.

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