Xmas Morning

It has often been said that nothing good lasts forever but as I am watching Fred sleep on the gigantic bed, I couldn’t help smile. I have been standing by the window staring at him ever since I woke up (over thirty minutes ago). I still got love for this man. He has done the most precious thing for me by allowing me to spend time with his family.
I hear the kids shouting downstairs so I check the time. It is already fifteen minutes to nine and we were to be at the breakfast table thirty minutes ago! I shake Fred out of his slumber while I rush to the bathroom. After about five minutes or so, am out. I look over the bed and the dude is still sleeping.
“Hey, wake up!” I shout at him while trying to apply lotion over my body.
“What’s the hurry for?” He murmurs while his eyes are still closed.
“We have to be downstairs right now. We missed breakfast and it is not a good thing.” I say trying to put on a bra.
“Okay. “ He says and finally agrees to shower.   
We walk to the dining room and notice all the utensils have been cleared up. Shit! We have to go to the kitchen. I was avoiding that as Fred’s aunt was in the kitchen alongside my mother in law. 
“You two lovebirds, you were late!” The aunt shouts. 
Damn, how did she know we were in the next room?
“Coming!” Fred replying and drags me to the kitchen.
I say my hallo’s to both of them and head to the sink to wash my hands.
“There is hot coffee on the flask, bacon and sausages in the microwave and you can toast some bread if you want to.” Aunt says.
“Thank you.” I say while serving myself to breakfast.  

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