As we sat down on the couch, orange juice was served. My mother in law was still showing Chloe the fish in the tank. Fred looked at me.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes I am.” I responded. “The house looks so beautiful.”

“It is! It does not seem like it is the same house I grew up in.”

I laughed and took my first sip of the juice.

“Let’s go upstairs.” Fred said holding my glass.

I followed him up the stairs then left to the end of the hall. We were sleeping in the same room as the last time we were here. Our bags had been placed on the bench at the end of the bed. The room had also been redone. The walls were ivory white and there was a grey wall to wall carpet. The high windows which let in light, were covered in a soft silky curtains which ran across it. It made the room look majestic.

“Fred, I have been meaning to ask. What is this bench called?” I asked pointing at it.

“Oh, that is called a chaise.”

“Really?” I nodded.

“Yeah. It is mostly used as a step stool, as a storage spot or just for aesthetic effects.” He answered as he removed his t-shirt.

“Why are you removing your clothes?”

“Because I want to do this.” He said and grabbed my hand. He pulled me closer to him. “Wanna see how the chaise is used?”

I laughed out loud.

He let me go and placed the bags that were on top to the floor. He then let me sit on the chaise. In my mind, I was so nervous about him getting naughty and steamy because we had not even closed the door. As soon as he started opening up my zipper, I told him to close the door first.

“No one will come here.” He remarked as he removed his pants.

My eyes were fixated on his manhood. It was already erect.

He moved closer to me, removed my pants and opened wide my legs. He went face in. His tongue licked the clitoris in a teasing way then took it a notch higher. He started going on fast and fast. My breathing was short and intense. After sometime, he inserted his manhood in.

As we were busy enjoying our quick random sex, we heard the door being knocked.

It was one of the maids. She was asking us to go downstairs in the dining room as the food was ready. In between his breath, Fred quickly replied that we will be down in a few minutes. She left.

We smiled at each other and finished where we had started. It was quick but each of us enjoyed it. We freshened up, put on our clothes then went downstairs to have lunch.

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