Few days later, I woke up at around eight o’clock on Saturday and started packing. We had a trip down to visit Fred’s home. It was only going to be a weekend thing.

I packed Chloe set of clothes in her pink bag and set it aside. I had packed like four different outfits just to be safe if she does any mess on her outfit. Fred’s and my clothes would go in another bag. I had already decided to wear a very casual but simple outfit. So I set aside my white t-shit and blue jeans. I would rock white sneakers. I packed an extra t-shirt for myself, towels, socks, nightgown, Fred’s outfits which also was t-shirts and dark blue denim pants.

After I was done, I took a shower. As I was standing in the bathroom naked, I noticed my reflection in the huge mirror just behind the door. On my left side of my chest, I had a dark patch. I touched it but it was soft. I couldn’t figure how I got it. I lowered my hands down to my tummy area and smiled. Even though it wasn’t how I wanted it to be, the not so flat belly was good enough. I slithered lotion on my body and moisturized. I wrapped a towel across my body and went back to the bedroom to wake Fred up.

He was snoring real loud!

“Wake up!”

He turned his head to the other side. I shook his body until he was up.

“Okay, okay.” He shouted. “I am up!”

“Alright, ill be in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Go take a shower.” I said as I left the room to the kitchen.

I cut up some mangoes, apples and strawberries. I put them in a flat white place and arranged them in such a way that the strawberries were in the middle. The different colors really made them look good.

I heated a few slices of turkey sandwich meat in the oven for about ten minutes then cut them into two. In the meantime, I had put some slices of wholewheat bread in the toaster. After they were done, I removed them, placed them on a plate, spread some avocado on it then sprinkled a bit of salt on it. I took the sliced of the turkey and placed on top for a dose of protein and put the other slice of bread on top.

After I was done, I went and woke up Chloe. She was so grumpy each time she has to be woken up. She started crying on top of her voice as I was removing her pajamas in order to give her a quick shower. I was done in under two minutes, dressed her up in a yellow pant and black t-shirt.

I served the breakfast with a glass of orange juice for each one of us.

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