Meet Up Part 2

“Why don’t you try and talk to her. I think she will let you see your daughter.” I asked.

“I tried initially but we just ended up urging.” Shawn replied.

“Try again. Your effort will assure her that you really need this.”

Shawn was silent for a while then he nodded. “I will try again.”

Lily, the server, came and gave me another glass of Mimosa. Shawn had enough.

I reached down to my handbag and picked my phone. I had two messages from Fred asking me when I was coming home. I was surprised. I looked at the clock and noticed it was already 8.30pm.

“Oh Lawd!” I said out loud.

“What is it?” Shawn asked.

“I am shocked that time has gone by so quickly. I need to get going.” I replied.

He looked at the time on his watch and sat upright.

“I need to go home too. Tomorrow is a busy day for me.”

I sipped the Mimosa quickly. I couldn’t let the drink go to waste. Nope!

Shawn raised his right hand signalling the server. She came quickly and was asked for the bill. As Shawn was busy paying for the drinks, I texted Fred and told him that I was on my way home.

After paying, we walked together to the parking lot. It was a dimly lit. We walked in silent until where I had packed my car.

“Thanks for making time for us to meet.” Shawn started.

“You are welcome. It was really great catching up with you after a very long time.” I replied. “And hopefully your situation will be better.”

“I hope so.”

There was a bit of an awkward silence.

“I should probably go now.” I said adjusting my handbag straps.

“Yes, yes.”

He leaned in and hugged me. A little too tight for my comfort.

I entered the car and drove off.

Fred was lying on the couch with his phone on his hands while Chloe was on the carpet playing with her toys. I leaned in and gave them a hug.

“So how have you guys been?”

“Great. Nothing much.” Fred replied.


“I left some food for you. It is in the plastic container in fridge.”

“Thank you. Ill heat it up after I have a shower.”

“You worked late today?” Fred asked.

“No. I actually met up with Shawn.”

“Oh..” Fred said while adjusting his seating position.

“Yeah. We met after work.”

“So how was it?”

“It was really great.”

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