Of Books and More Books!

I went to work the following day. I was seated on my desk fifteen minutes to eight. The cleaning ladies were still around the office. They excused me and went on to clean the other offices.

I was busy reconciling the budget and the actual cash spending of the office for the past one month. I needed to do this quickly then send the data to Mrs. Wright. The finance department had send me their report so I had to counter check before sending.

The telephone in the office rang.


“Good morning Catherine. I am stepping out for a meeting outside the office for a few hours. Please send the office budget to my email by noon so that I can be able to look at it.”

It was Mrs. Wright.

“Good Morning Mrs. Wright. I will definitely do that.”

I hang up the phone call and continued with the report.

The day went by quickly. Guess when you are busy you do not notice how quick time flies away. I sent the email by eleven o’clock to my boss then took an early lunch break.

I picked my handbag then walked down the street. I noticed a cute bookstore at the corner just two blocks away. The bookstore was right on the corner of the building and the sign, although small, was so pretty that I had to step in. I was wowed as soon as I walked in. The bright florescent light in the middle of the store plus the big windows made lit look exquisite!

I went round the bookshelves looking for anything that would grab my attention. The store had that distinct scent of new printed books that made me feel so excited. I love literature! The bookshelves, arranged in a curved vanished wood, made it look so fun than a task. There was a table and some comfy seats in the middle for anyone who wants to take a break and make the decision on which book to choose.

I went to the African Literature shelf and looked at the list. It has been so long since I read from an African author. I picked Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime. I had seen good reviews of the book online. Trevor is a South African comedian for those who don’t know. He is now the host of the Daily Show Comedy Central. I also picked The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Adichie.

From the other sections, I got interested and picked We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union and The Book Thief by the Australian Author called Markus Zusak.

After I paid for the books, I walked over the the cafeteria nearby and had my lunch. On the table next to my plate, I was opening the pages of the Born a Crime book.

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