I walked back in the office after about an hour and a half. It was two o’clock.

I settled in and continued my work until it was time to go home. Before I drove away, I remembered that I had promised to meet with Shawn this week. Shawn was a childhood friend of mine that we grew up together. He had recently lost his mother and we reconnected at the funeral. I looked at the contact list on my phone and dialed his number.

The phone rang couple of times but he didn’t answer. I hang up and started to drive.

After a couple of miles away, Shawn called back. I put him on the hands free mode as I drove.

“Hey Shawn.”

“Hey Catherine, how are you?” He asked.

“I am well, just driving home from work.”

“Me too actually. I am really sorry about the missed call. My phone was still on vibrate mode so I couldn’t hear the call.”

“It is okay.”

“So, how is everything?”

“It is pretty good. I was checking up on you and asking if you are still on about us meeting this week?” I asked.

“Yes, yes. I was actually waiting for your confirmation.”

“Okay, is tomorrow okay?” I asked. “Say at about 5.30pm?”

“That will be okay with me. I would be out of the office by then.”

“Great. We can meet at the old coffee house that was located on 5th Avenue. What do you think?” I asked.

“No. Can we meet at another place?”

“Okay, give some suggestions.”

“Let’s meet at The Joint.”

“Huh?” I asked confused. “Where is that?”

“The lounge that was opened like a year ago just down the coffee house you suggested.”

“Oh yeah, great!” I replied. “I’ll be there on time.”


“Eeeehhh, how is your dad doing?”

“He is better. Taking a day at a time. It is really hard for him.”

“I can imagine.” I added. “He really needs you at the moment. Have you gone back home to see him?”

“No. I have not.”

“You should.” I said.

“Yeah, I guess.” He replied. “So how is your family?”

“They are all good, at home.”

“Oh good.” Shawn said. “Anyway, I have to rush somewhere.”

“Alright. So see you tomorrow?”

“Yes. Tomorrow. Have a great evening.”

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