It is Sunday.

I woke up at 8.30am. My phone vibrated on the bedside table so loudly that I could not ignore it. I picked it up, dismissed the alarm then started looking at my Twitter feed. I think I am addicted to the social media. Twitter is one of them. It’s so rare that a day can pass without not spending time on it. Everyday!

Today, the Twitter timeline was all about the scandals at the White House. This is like a real live reality show! Hehe..

I got up and took a shower real quick then woke Chloe up. This girl though, she is ever up so early in the morning when you want to sleep in but a day like today, she is fussing when I try to wake her up. I left her alone and went to wake Fred up.

I pulled the sheets off his side of the bed to wake him up only to find he was naked. Completely naked! I bust of laughing so loudly that he eventually opened his eyes.

“What?” He snapped at me.

I pointed to his torso still laughing.

He lifted his head up and looked down his body. He let out a murmur then grabbed the sheets and covered himself. I laughed.

“You need to wake up!” I said.

“What time is it?”

I reached out to my phone. “It is already 9am. We need to be in church by ten!”

“Alright.” He replied standing up. “Let me take a quick shower and we will be out.”


I walked back to Chloe’s room and picked her up. Her big eyes were droopy. Since we were going to be late, I quickly took a wet wipe and wiped her face with it. I took another wipe and wiped the inner areas of her body then put her in a pink dress with a white bow on top of her head. I picked some white flat shoes and fit her chubby little feet in it.

Once we were done, I gave her some warm milk with cereals. She ate the breakfast quickly just in time as Fred was done with his preparation. He sat on the seat next to the door and wore his shoes. He was dressed in a dark blue shirt, black pants and now he was completing the outfit with a black boat shoes. He looked splendid.

Our drive to the church was good. There was no traffic. The cars were few on the road and this offered a great driving experience. Fred packed the car just next to the Church’s entrance where we were fortunate to find a free space. Quietly, we walked into the Church and sat on one of the middle rows benches.

One of the ushers was reading a word from the Bible. It was from the book of Hebrews Chapter 11 as the preaching was about Faith. It was a really beautiful sermon. The preacher used the day to day scenarios to expound on the reading and help us understand it. I felt blessed!

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