I woke up from the bed slowly. I put on some shorts and a t-shirt. I walked to the bathroom, took a pee then washed my face. I was still so tired. I walked to the kitchen and started preparing what we would eat. Since it was already past eleven o’clock, I did not see the need to make breakfast. Brunch would do.

I opened the fridge, looked at what was available for me to cook.  There was just some limited options for me. So I opted for the easiest combination to cook and good enough for Chloe to eat when she wakes up. She likes cheese so I opted to make a cheesy egg toast that we can share with her.

I took four eggs, four slices of bread, five pieces of bacon and one small white onion. I sliced up the onion then set it aside. I preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Meanwhile, I prepared the baking tray by oiling the sides a bit. I placed the bread on the tray and arranged the bacon on top of the bread in a circular arrangement. I then cracked the eggs in a small bowl. Added a bit of salt and black pepper then mixed it up. I poured the eggs and a small handful of onions in between the bacon on the baking tray. Afterwards, I sprinkled a bit of cheese on it. I let it bake for about 20 minutes.

For Fred, I decided to make him a very rich omelette. I diced up some tomatoes, onions, diced bacon and ham and lastly with coriander. I preheat the pan, poured in a small amount of oil, then put in the onions first, let it cook for a while then add tomatoes. I then added the eggs and the diced ham and bacon. It cooked under low heat for about five minutes while I mixed all the ingredients. The coriander came in last, cooked for about two minutes then I removed omelette. It smelt so good!

I poured two glasses of orange juice and took it to the living room where Fred was seated watching Netflix.

“Morning.” I said to him.

He nodded his head and replied. “Good morning.”

I went back to the kitchen and brought all the other dishes to the table. I set it all up with the cutlery, plates and paper towels before going to the bedroom to wake up Chloe. She had slept on for a quite a while. I gave her a quick shower.  I sat her next to Fred and started feeding her. Baby girl was so hungry. She quickly ate her portion and had some omelette too. She had all these with a glass of warm milk.

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