Behind the Scenes

After about two minutes, my colleagues were not back. I decided to follow them and see what they were doing. I left my glass of wine with the waiter, picked my phone and went to the left door where they disappeared to. The first door which was the door to the IT department, was locked for obvious reasons. I went went straight to the door which led to the balcony. I opened the door slowly and peeped. I saw the two kissing. The guy was leaning on the metal bars of the balcony while the girl was standing too close to him and holding his chest. I was surprised to see that it was our receptionist and the head of IT department!

I slowly closed the door and went back to the party. I couldn’t help but to smile as I waited for them to finish. I sat on my chair and continued sipping away my drink. How long was this going on? Probably the drinks gave them the courage to try out with each other.

After about thirty minutes, the sneaky couple came from their little hideout and sat among the other colleagues. You would have not known what had gone on behind the scenes.

As the Dj continued playing the latest hits, people started dancing in the center of the room. I decided to go and see what Mrs. Wright was up-to. I walked over to her office, knocked the almost closed door and entered her office. She was leaning back on her seat and scrolling her phone.

“Hey, what are you doing here all alone?” I asked as I sat on one of the chairs facing her desk.

“I was finishing up some report.” She replied placing her phone on the desk.

“That’s good. So are you ready to join us at the party?”

“I would love to but I think ill miss this one. I do not want to make people be a bit anxious about my presence. I want them to enjoy and have fun.”

“I understand. I also feel that I should give them a break too.” I replied.

“What drink were you having?” She asked.

“Wine. White wine.”

“You are in luck.” She said as she bent over her desk and picked a bottle of wine. “I always have some here when it gets hectic.”

I laughed.

“I know it looks bad but I do not even drink it as often as I want.” She said.

She stood up, went to the next table in the office, took a coffee mug and poured the wine in. She handed to me a cup and sat down.

“Cheers to the year 2017!” she said raising her mug.


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