Online Shopping

I got another episode of a headache at around eleven Oclock. I took one tablet of the ibuprofen and continued with my work.

During my lunch break, I went to Amazon and checked if they had some awesome gifts which I could gift my family. I started looking at women’s section. My mum has always loved perfumes. The products were not on sale at all! I opened another tab and went directly to Macy’s website. Damn! They had a sale on everything! On the perfume section, I looked for Christian Dior perfumes and picked Miss Dior gift set. It was coming at around $98. I put it in the cart. I also picked the Mac mini lipstick set to give to Ann. She loved lipsticks.

I went back to Amazon and checked the prices of electric shavers. Fred has been wanting to buy one for the longest time but he kept on pushing it until the next time we go to the mall.

I found a Phillips Norelco shaver. Even though it was on the higher side of my budget, I decided to get it. I put it in the cart, checked out both on Amazon and Macy’s and paid for the items. The items will be delivered to me in two days. Great! I’ll have time to wrap the gifts before the holiday.

The afternoon went by quickly. Ann came to my office after five and together, we went to a nearby bar. We ordered cocktails.

“So, how was yesterday?” I asked. “I saw your pictures on Facebook.”

Ann laughed. “You saw that?”

I nodded.

“It was just a hookup with some former colleagues. We met after work and had a bit of fun.” She said laughing.

“You guys looked like you had so much fun!”

“Oh yes.”

“Great.” I said. “I love when you are enjoying yourself.”

“Me too.” Ann said. “How is everything with you?”

“It’s okay although I had a bad migraine few days ago.” I started. “I couldn’t even eat.”

“What?” Ann exclaimed. “What did the doctors say?”

“I have not gone to the hospital yet.”


“I took some painkillers and it went away.”

“You should go and get checked out.”

“I will.” I said and took a sip of the cocktail.

We sat in silence for like five minutes.

“How is Mike?”

“Same old. We are still working on his mental state and our relationship. I think I’ll go with him to his parents place for the holidays.” Ann responded.

“That’s nice.”

“I don’t have a choice. If I don’t, he might be back to being depressed and there is a chance of him trying to attempt suicide again.”

“Just be there for him. It will take time but he will be good.” I assured her.

I raised my glass to her. She did the same.

“Cheers to life.”

We drank the remaining drink and ordered another one.

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