That evening, I left the office at exactly 5pm. I had a migraine since early afternoon. Even though I had taken a painkiller from the office medical cabinet, it did not help in reducing the pain I was in.

As I drove home, I passed by the drugstore and picked up more pills. By now, I was almost crying. It was so painful!

I entered the house, said hi to both the nanny and Chloe and went to bed. I didn’t have the energy left to lift the covers over my body. I fell asleep immediately.

“Kate?” I heard a voice calling my name.

I thought I was dreaming so I continued to sleep.

I felt a hand on my back. I opened my eyes slowly and saw Fred looking at me.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“No. I have a bad headache.” I replied trying to lift myself up.

“Let me help you up.” He said while holding my shoulders. I sat upright with a pillow on my back.

“Have you taken any medication?” He asked.

“I took Ibuprofen.”

“Has it helped in anyway?”

“A bit.”

“Should I take you to see the doctor?” He asked.

“Nah, let us see how I’ll be after a few minutes.” I said. “What time is it?”

“It’s a quarter to eight.” He replied while checking his wrist watch.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “Time has really gone by quickly.”

“Yes, but don’t worry, I have everything under control.” Fred said.

“What about the nanny?” I asked.

“She left as soon as I arrived.”


“She is playing in the other room.” He said. “Why don’t I bring for you something to eat?”

“I am really not that hungry.”

“You have to eat dear.” He said. “Let me serve you just a little bit.”


I went and sat in the living room and watched Chloe play. She was playing with her doll Lisa. When Fred brought the food, I ate slowly as any quick movements made the pain increase. Fred kept watching over me as he fed Chloe.

I finished my food and placed my plate on the table.

“Can I add you some more?” He asked.

“I’m good. A glass of water will be good.” I said.

He rose up and brought a glass of water for me.

“Thank you.”

We ate in silence.

After dinner, we all went to bed. Fred helped me remove my clothes and tuck me in bed. I touched my forehead. It was hot. Even though the pain had reduced, I still felt sick. I decided to go and see a doctor tomorrow morning.

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