Apple Juice

“How are you feeling?” Fred asked as soon as I woke up.

“I’m better. I think I’ll even go to work.” I said as I walked to the bathroom.

“That’s great. I was a bit worried about you.” He said.

“Thank you.” I replied. “I’m good now.”

I took a quick shower then went to the closet to pick something to wear. I settled on a navy blue knee length dress which was cute but still formal for the office.

“I wanted to ask about the plans for the Christmas holidays.” Fred asked while trying to make the bed.

“I had not even thought about it.” I replied then scratched my head. “How did the days go by so quickly?”

“Yep. It is that time again.”

“Wow! Should we go to your parents place again?” I asked.

“I was thinking we can go somewhere out of town then celebrate it from there.” Fred said.

“Like where?”

“What if we go to a hotel and spend it there. Maybe out of country perhaps?”

“No. It is really a bad idea if we start booking right now as the prices have been doubled and most hotels booked.” I started. “Plus the airports will be full of people trying to reach their destinations in time of Christmas.”

“That’s true.”

“I really hate the chaos that come with it plus the weather right now is depressing.” I added.

“I agree. We can go some other time.” Fred said.

“What if we do a holiday in January?” I said. “There will be less hustle and we get the best hotels at half price since most of them are usually empty during that time?”

“Mmmhhh…good idea but we will have to take days off work for that.” Fred said.

“Yes. A week will be enough.”

“Okay. I will try and inform the company about it.”


By now, I was done dressing up so I walked to the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of Apple juice and ate a handful of coated nuts that we had bought from the store the other day.

I packed some grapes, kissed Fred on the lips then left the house for work.

I was really glad that the roads were clear and i was at work in fifteen minutes. Since I did not have a headache, I was sure I would be done with all the urgent matter that required my attention then proceed to start planning for the office party as the year was coming to an end.

I took the elevator to the office and walked in. The receptionist gave me a warm smile and welcomed me.  I walked to my desk and sat down. First, I removed my phone from my handbag, then checked my notifications on Facebook and Twitter.

After about ten minutes, I started my work. Emails first then reports.

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