Monday morning, I was at the office by 7.55am. I walked to my office, placed my handbag on the table then switched on the computer. I turned my seat around and looked outside my window, eight floors up. The view was awesome. I grabbed my phone and took a picture. I then posted it on Instagram. The picture was perfect the way it was. No need for filters. The sunrise at the background cast a beautiful light on the buildings in the city.

“Good Morning!”

I turned around and saw my boss Mrs. Wright standing next to my desk holding her bag with both hands. I quickly stood up and responded.

“Good Morning Mrs. Wright. How are you today?”

She looked at me then exclaimed. “What did you do to your hair?”

“I cut it a bit.” I said

“No, that’s a whole lot sister.” She said and came closer to me. “You really look beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

“Keep that hairstyle.” She said while touching her hair. “I think I should switch my hair too.”

“But you look lovely in that hairstyle.” I said. She had a bob hairstyle which suited her face and age well.

“But I need to look as fabulous as you.” She said and winked.

We both laughed.

“Anyway, let me get to my office.” She said as she checked her wrist watch. “I need to finish something.”


“See you around.” She said and left the office.

I sat down and opened my Outlook to check my emails. I had like a dozen emails. Most of them were from the other offices in different cities updating on the progress of the company since the last meeting. Each office was given a task and deadlines of completing certain changes in order to enhance good employer to employee relations and better productivity.

I read all of them then went on to read two from former employees who left like a year ago. One of them was requesting for a recommendation letter while the other one was letting me know he had included me as his referee. I laughed. This said employee left the company in the most abusive way ever. Not once, not twice but six times where he showed to the office drunk. He then was reported by one of the female employees on sexual misconduct. Despite receiving warning letters, he did not change so we had to fire him. After receiving the letter from the then HR, he started abusing her and breaking the cups that were on the tray in her office. Security had to be called to escort him out of the office. There is no way ill give a good recommendation to him.

A text came to my phone. It was from Fred.

   “Hey beautiful. Sorry I did not get time to say goodbye to you in the morning. Have a lovely day    ahead. I miss you! Kisses!!! I know you are rocking that hairstyle today…”

I shook my head and put the phone down. Fred can be sweet and annoying at the same time.

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