New Look

After about two hours, Lauren turned the seat around and put me directly infront of the mirror. I gasped!!!

I touched the left side of my hair. I could not believe it. I looked so different! She had made my hair into a wavy asymmetrical bob hairstyle. The blonde highlights beautifully ran through the hair. I touched it again in disbelief.

“This is so beautiful!” I said.

“I am glad you like it. I decided to go with a bob style as it would frame your face well.”

“It does. Thank you so much.”

“You are welcome.” Lauren replied.

“So, how much do I owe you?” I asked opening my purse to remove my debit card.

“It will be $275.” She said.

I took a step back. “It is that expensive?”

“Not really. The trimming, dye and the products used is what makes it that price.”

I shrugged while handling her my card.

“How do i maintain it?” I asked.

“It is very easy. On a day to day basis, you can use this.” She answered handing me a bottle. “It is the Control Finishing Hairspray from Suave. Just spray it in the morning then style it using your fingers.”

“That’s it?” I asked.

“Yep! It is as simple as that.”

“That’s great!”

“If you decide to wash it, use the Curl Mousse. Just apply it on damp hair and you are good to go!”

“Where can I get the products?”

“From any beauty stores or even at the shop next to the salon.”

“Thank you.” I said while getting up.

I took my handbag and phone and left. I drove to the nearest beauty store and bought the products that Lauren had suggested I get. The cost came to about $7.

When I got home, I found Fred sleeping on the couch. I tagged him.

“Wake up.”

He opened his eyes and looked at me. He stared at me. He moved his eyes to my hair then back to me.

“What happened to your hair?”

“Do you like it?” I asked.

“Like seriously? Why did you shave it?”

“I trimmed it.”

“Same difference! Why did you do that?”

“Because I wanted a new look? Or because it is my hair?!”

“No, no, no!” Fred shouted.

“What is wrong with it?”

“You looked good in your hair, or what it was.” He stood up and touched my hair. “I loved your long hair.”

“I loved it too but I needed a change.”

“You could have bought a new dress.” he said.

“I know but I wanted a statement. A head statement.”

“A statement to who?” He asked.

“Myself?” I answered.

“Don’t lie to me.”

“Okay, do i look bad in this new hairstyle?”

“No but…”

“Then good. Ill rock it. I do not understand why you are so mad.”

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