I opened my eyes slowly. I could see the light through the bedroom windows. The curtains, maroon with white embroidered flowers, swayed slowly from the Air conditioning system above it. I stretched my hands and got my phone which was on the bedside cabinet.

It was 9.16am.

I could hear noises coming from the kitchen. I woke up and wore my night gown. I walked to the bathroom, washed my face then joined Fred in the kitchen.

“Good morning beautiful!” He said when he saw me.

“Good morning.” I replied and gave him a kiss on his lips. “What time did you wake up?”

“At eight.”

He had prepared sausages, toasted bread and cut some apples too. Nice! I picked some and poured myself a cup of white coffee. I sat down on the kitchen stools next to the counter and watched him prepare breakfast for Chloe.

“This is really nice of you.” I said while sipping the coffee.

“Thank you.” He responded. “I woke up so hungry that I decided to go all out.”

After breakfast, I decided to do a little bit of cleaning around the house. I started with my bedroom since Fred and Chloe were in the living room. I removed all the sheets and had them washed. I wiped the floors thereafter.

I moved to the rest of the house then took a shower. By the time I was done, it was almost 1pm. I called Lauren, my hairdresser, to see if she would do my hair and nails today. She was so excited to hear from me. She slotted me in for 3pm.

When I arrived at her saloon, she ushered me to an empty seat just next to the sink. After the usual chitchat, she asked me what i wanted.

“I really want a change. I think I want to dye my hair. Not all the way, just highlights.” I said while I touched my hair.”

“Which color are you going for?” She asked.


“There are different shades of brown for you to choose from.” She said while handing me a small booklet.

I flipped through the pages to a particular shade that I really liked. I pointed it to her.

“This is beautiful.” She said. “Have you ever colored your hair?”

“No, this is my first time.” I replied.

“Why decide now?”

“I just want to try something different.” I said. “What would you suggest?”

“You really have long hair.” She continued. “Would you mind if I shave off a bit of your hair and style it a bit?”

“How?” I asked. I was already starting to get nervous.

Lauren styled my hair to a side fringe then held it where she wanted to cut it. It gave a bit of a long bob style.

“This is different.”

“Yes it is.” She assured me. “It is dramatic without being so much of a hustle.”

I nodded.”You can do it.”

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