Grab It

Just before nine, Chloe dozed off. I carried her to her bed, removed the clothes she had and put on her pajamas. She was too sleepy that she did not even wake up through this.

I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. As I was rinsing my mouth, I felt a hand touch my butt. I looked up and saw Fred through the mirror just above the sink. He was smiling.

“Are you done?” He asked.

“Almost.” I said after I spit the water in my mouth.

I wiped my mouth then removed my clothes. As I put them in the laundry basket, I caught Fred staring at me. I looked away a bit shy. I went to the shower and closed the glass door behind me. The warm water hit my body in such a lovely way.

Just as I was lathering the soap all over me, Fred suddenly opened the door. He caught me so off guard that I let out a scream.

“What the hell?” I asked shouting at him.

“What did I do?”

“You gave me quite a scare!!”

“I am so sorry. I wanted to join you.”

“Alright.” I replied.

I moved two steps to the end of the shower cubicle. I continued lathering myself not noticing his intentions. As I was just done with my legs, I decided to stand so that I could rinse off only to see his manhood staring at me straight on. What is going on?

I laughed.

“Do not laugh!”

“You have been acting a bit weird since we came home. So seeing this, I know why.” I said pointing to his penis.

“Please move closer and just stop talking.” He said and grabbed my hand. He let me touch him.

We kissed. He touched my body seductively then suddenly pressed me on the wall. He put his hand on my waist and he lifted me up. He entered me. I didn’t have time to even moan. He thrust his body in me so fast. I tried holding on to the wall. Just as fast as he had started this quickie, that is the way he finished it. After he was done, he stood under the shower and washed himself. I was still on the corner of the cubicle trying to recover. My heart was beating so fast.

After he was done, I let the water rinse out the soap from my body. I wiped myself, put on my silk headscarf and joined him in bed. I moved close to him so that we can talk for a bit only to realize that he was already sleeping! How can he sleep that first? Damn!!

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