At the Doctor

After lunch, I got back to my desk and immediately called my gynecologist to book an appointment. I wanted to confirm if it is indeed true am pregnant or the test kits were wrong. I was booked for 5.30pm. I was his last patient.

The afternoon went by quickly and soon enough, I walked over to the clinic which was three blocks from my office. I did not want to drive over there as there is usually traffic and can be a hustle getting a place to park. I entered the lobby, took the elevators and went to the fifth floor. His office was on the second door to the right.

The receptionist was standing over the flowers at the end of the hall. She turned around when she heard me get in and quickly went to her seat. I looked at my name on the tablet placed on her desk and clicked on it. She smiled and asked me to have a seat while I wait for the doctor.

Within two minutes, the doctor came out and directed me to his office. His office really feels like a clinic most times. It is big, a bit clumped up with the bed placed on the left side. There is a small stool placed near it to enable someone get to the bed.

“Catherine. Good to see you again.” He said while showing me to the seat.

“Nice to see you too Dr. Smith.”

“So what can I do for you?” He asked. “My secretary said it sounded a bit urgent.”

“Yes, kind of. I would like you to test if am pregnant.” I started. “I tested myself the other day but the test was a bit confusing.”

“No problem.” He said.

He stood up and went to the sink. He washed his hands and started talking.

“I think since you are a bit confused with the test at home, we can do both urine and blood test to be sure.”

“When will the results be out?” I asked.

“With the urine test, it will be after a few minutes. The blood test will take some hours and it is very conclusive. Ill call you tomorrow with the results.”


“So, take this and go to the toilet and take a pee in it. Then bring back so that I can test it.” He said handing over a cup.

I went to the toilet, peed on it then returned it to the doctor. I sat on the lobby waiting for the results.

A text came in my phone.

                     “Hey, are you going to be late?”

It was my nanny. I had not informed her that I was going to be late. I decided to call Fred and ask him where he was.

“Hey, where are you?” I asked.

“I am on my way home. I will be there in five.” He responded.

“Okay. Please go and release the nanny. Ill be home soon.”


I called the nanny and told her to wait for a few minutes until Fred is home before she leaves. She seemed okay with it so I hang up.

Dr. Smith called my name.

I went to his office and he gave me the results. I was not pregnant! He also did not see the reason why I should do the blood test anymore.

“But I have a concern.” He started. “Your urine is so concentrated.”

“How?” I asked.

“A normal urine looks a bit clear. Yours was dark yellow. Do you drink water as often?”

“Not really.” I said trying to remember if I drank water today.

“You should drink water. Lots of it.” he said. “This is not healthy at all and may bring problems in the future.”

“Okay, I will do so.”

“Thank you.” He said while handing me his note.

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