At exactly 5pm, I switched off the computer and left the office. I decided to walk to a chemist two blocks from the office and get a pregnancy test kit. I bought three of them just to be sure. I put them in my purse and went back to where I had parked the car and drove home.

Chloe and the nanny were playing with each other on the balcony. They seemed happy. She was dressed in a yellow short dress. Her hair was in a pony tail. The nanny was in a white t-shirt and black tights. I gave Chloe a kiss on the forehead, asked the nanny how her day was then rushed inside. I ran to my bathroom to test myself. I stood in the bathroom for like two minutes but I could not urinate. Damn!

I placed my purse on the counter, washed my hands and went to the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of cold orange juice. I sat down and started watching T.V.

“Excuse me.” The nanny said. “I have to leave now.”

“It is okay.” I replied and stood up. “Thank you everything.”

“It is a pleasure.” She  said handing Chloe back to me.

“By the way, how is your mum doing?” I asked.

“She is a bit better although still on medication. My sister is helping her out.”

“Oh, that’s good. I am glad.” I responded.

“Okay. See you tomorrow then. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight to you too.”

As she left, Chloe tried running towards her. She slipped and fell near the door. She looked at me and started crying. I picked her up and gave her some juice.

The urge to go to the toilet came. Good time to test myself. I left Chloe on the floor to continue playing. Once in the toilet, I closed the door and removed my undies. I unwrapped the wrapper of the test kit, placed it strategically between my legs and peed on it. After I was done, I set it aside for three minutes as indicated. This was the longest three minutes of my life. I looked at the kit and noticed two faint lines. I cried!

“Mommy!” Chloe cried out.


“Mommy, where are you?” She asked in her sweet tiny voice.

“In the toilet. I am coming out.” I shouted.

Quickly, I threw the test kit in the bin under the sink. I wiped the tears off my face. I opened the door and there she was, she smiled at me and gave me the remote.

“Elsa. Elsa”

“Alright dear, let’s go.” I carried her to the living room and put for her the cartoon channel.

A few minutes later, Fred walked in. He had two big shopping bags. I helped him put the stuff inside.

“How are you guys?” He asked making faces at Chloe.

“We are good.” I replied while arranging the shopping in the fridge. “How was your day?”

“Worse. But I am glad it is over.” he replied.

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