“Okay, okay!” Fred said. “I am so sorry.”

I went and sat down on the couch. I was so mad. I looked at my fingers in deep thought. Fred came and sat by me.

“You said that you had bought three test kits?” He started. “Why don’t we test again and see how the results will be?”

I nodded.

“Alright. Where are they?” He asked.

“In the bathroom. I’ll go and pee.” I said and walked to the bathroom. He followed me. Chloe thought we were playing a game so she followed too. Her doll safely placed under her arm.

“Chloe, go and watch cartoons. Mummy will come back soon.” Fred told her.

She walked past us and went to the bedroom.

I opened the wrapper, placed the kit strategically under me as i sat on the toilet seat then peed on the stick. I got a little splash on my thigh. I placed the stick on the sink and i wiped myself up.

“How long will this take?” Fred asked.

“Like two minutes.” I replied while washing my hands.

Fred took the last test stick that remained and started reading the instructions. He was whistling as he did so which really got into my nerves. All of a sudden, he laughed.

“Where is the other wrapper?”

“I threw it in the bin under the sink. Why?” I asked.

“I want to confirm something.” He replied and searched for it.

I looked at the stick and saw the two lines again. I threw it back to the sink.

“What?” He asked. “Is it reading the same?”

“Yes. Two lines.”

“So that means you are pregnant?”

I nodded.

“I think there might be a mistake!” He assured me.

“What mistake? You can see for yourself the result.” I shouted while handing him the stick. “Take it.”

“No, not like that.” He said moving away from me. “I looked at the wrapper and noticed that the date of expiration has already passed.”

“Let me see.”

“It was expiring on the 29th of June.” He said. “Maybe that is why it was giving those results.”

I felt dizzy.

“Kate, let me pee on the other kit.”

“Why?” I asked getting confused.

“So that we can see its authenticity.”

“I think I should go to the doctor and confirm it.” I said walking away.

“No. Just wait.”

He removed his pants and urinated on the stick. I looked at him not believing his ideology. He then placed the stick on the sink. I wasn’t sure if I should leave him with it or just see how it will turn out. After a while, two thin lines started to form! I looked at Fred and he was laughing.

“See? I told you this thing is not good.” Fred said. “How can I be pregnant?”

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