Slipped Up

“So how is Mike?” I asked.

“He is good. Getting better. He is opening up a bit too.” Ann answered placing her arms across her chest.

“That’s good.”

“I think so too. The doctor said it will still take a while before he recovers fully.”

“Alright. What about you guys?” I asked. “How is everything between you?”

“We talked. We are not back exactly where we were.”

I stood up and moved to where she was. “Things like that take time.”

I saw tears streaming down her face and quickly took the tissues to wipe her. She laughed. She pushed my hand away and continued laughing. I was confused.

“Are you laughing at me?” I asked.

“No. I need to tell you something.” She said.

“Okay. Share the joke.”

“I kinda slipped up.”

“What do you mean slipped up?” I got more confused.

“I slept with him.” She answered and started laughing again.

“Like you guys had sex?”



“What do you mean by how?” She asked laughing.

“Like how did it happen?”

“It was two days ago. He called me from the bathroom to come and give him his towel. As he was taking the towel, he slipped in the bathtub. I was so scared he had hurt himself so I quickly jumped inside the tub and helped him out. As I wiped his face, he moved closer and kissed me. Then things kind of moved quickly from there onwards.” She told me.

“How was it?”

“Wow! It was good. It has been a while.”

“I am glad. Besides, you needed to have some sex. You were too cranky and emotional.”

She laughed. “No I wasn’t.”

“Yes you were.” I added. “You know sex works magic on your life. You will be happier and less stressful.”

“Yes Doctor Catherine.”

“It is true. I am so glad you guys took that step.”

“But it was not a decision we both decided.” Ann said. “It just happened.”

“Yes but it was starts from there. A helping hand, a kiss, sex and soon after, the marriage is back on.”

“I hope so.”

“So is he alone in the house?” I asked.

“His sister is around. She is helping me out.”

“Good for you.”

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