Since it was already 5pm, Ann and I left the office together. We went directly to the Wine bar which was located near our home area. We sat down on the far end of the bar and ordered a bottle of wine. There was just a few people hanging around. It was on a Monday anyway. We had a lot to talk about. We gossiped until it was time for us to go home.

As I opened the door, the lights in the house were all off. Fred and Chloe were already asleep. I tip toed inside the house until I got to the bedroom. I placed my bag on the table next to my bed, removed my clothes and went to have a shower. The warm water was so soothing to my body. I just stood under the water and closed my eyes. I did not care about my hair. I let it get wet. Besides, the hot weather we have been having recently was making me all sweaty.

As I turned around to face the opposite direction, I met Fred. I was so shocked. I did not expect him to be in the bathroom.

“You scared me!” I told him.

“Sorry. I just came to say hi to you. I heard you come in.”

“Thanks. I’m good.”

“You worked until late today.”

“I was not in the office. I met up with Ann and we went to have a few drinks.”

“Alright. Is she okay?” He asked.

“She is very good. Happy.” I said. “How was your day?”

“I had a busy morning.” Fred answered while removing his shorts and stepped into the shower cubicle.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I want to shower with you.”

“Weren’t you sleeping?”

“I was. Now I am not.”

He moved to where I was and touched my waist. He pulled me closer to where I was and kissed me. I did not object. I kissed him back.

“Your breath smells alcohol.” he said.

“I told you that we went for drinks with Ann.”

He kissed me again while caressing my body. He knew all the spots that would make me react. He went for the neck, then went down to the breast. He tenderly touched them before moving down. His large arms grabbed my buttocks. He moved my body closer to his. He kissed me again.

“Are you ready for this?” He asked.

“Yes I am.”

I looked at him and noticed his manhood was already up. He tuned me around so that I was facing the shower knob. I held it as he spread my legs apart. He entered from the back.

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