Tuesday morning, I sit down on my desk and switched on the computer. I put in my password, then proceeded to finish a report in which the deadline was in two hours. I typed faster. My hands were trembling. This report was to be used in the three branches of the organisation located in three different countries. This was a big deal for me.

At exactly 9.15am, I finished the report. I decided to take a break. I would come back and proofread it before handing the report over.

I stood up, walked to the bathroom then to the office kitchen and brewed myself a cup of coffee. A strong one. I was still a bit drowsy as I slept late last night and woke up very early so as to complete the report.

I met one of the oldest members of staff. Sophia was 55 years old. She was standing infront of the fridge. I decided to talk to her a bit.

“Hey Sophia.” I said as I approached her.

“Hey Catherine.”

“What are you looking for?” I asked.

“I am deciding if I should eat my snack right now or just wait until Ten O’clock.” She replied confidently.

I bust out laughing. “Are you serious?”

“Very serious.”

“Here take this.” I said as I gave her a croissant. “Eat that.”

“Are you sure?” She asked looking at the snack carefully.

“I’m sure. Besides, I am not that hungry.”

“Thanks. I needed to eat something before I take my pills.” She said sitting down on the few chairs placed in the room.

“Pills?” I asked. “What for?”

“I am diabetic.” she replied. “I usually take some pills in the morning and in the evening. I woke up late today so I decided to have the medicine now.”

“Oh, so sorry.”

“No biggie. I am used to it.”

As I sat there drinking my coffee, I saw Sophia taking her medication just a few minutes after finishing her snack. It then hit me! I have not been taking my birth control pills for the last two weeks! Who even does that? I stood up and went back to my desk.

My heart was racing. I was not ready for another kid. I had pretty much messed up! I closed my eyes and tried to turn back the clock. Fred is definitely going to be mad about this. How could I forget to take the damn pill! And the way we have been having sex almost daily! I cringed at the thought of it.

“I hope you have finished that report.”

I opened my eyes and saw my boss Mrs. Wright on the door. I quickly sit up straight.

“Yes I have. Just checking for a few errors.” I said apologetically.

“Okay. Let me have it in five minutes. Send it on my email as I need to send it to the other managers.” She said and walked out.


I quickly went through the document and sent it to her. I hope I have not messed it up as I have in my personal life.

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