As we were waiting for the pizza, I sent the nanny some cash that she had requested for as her mum needed to go to the hospital. I sent it over mobile transfer.

The door bell rang.

Fred stood up and went to answer. It was the pizza guy. He received the package and paid him.

He came over to where Chloe and I were seating. We shared the barbecued pizza. We also had glasses of fresh juice alongside it as we were watching the latest Fast and Furious movie. The movie was awesome. After the death of Paul Walker, I did not think that the franchise would survive. Guess I was wrong. This movie was good. I still miss Paul Walker though. The evening was good. Nothing beats the feeling of having the family together.

As the movie almost came to an end, Chloe fell back to the seat. She had fallen asleep! I stood up, carried her over my chest and walked to the her bedroom. I gently placed her on the bed and changed her clothes to pajamas. I gently pushed back her hair which was covering her face. Her frizzy curly hair needed a style change. I promised myself that I would plait her tomorrow. I switched off the lights on my way out and closed the door.

I found Fred on the phone. I wanted to give him space so I cleared the table and washed the utensils. I also wiped the kitchen floor. As I wiped my hands on the apron, Fred approached me holding his phone.

“That was my dad. He was checking on how we are.”

“Oh, that is so sweet of him. How is he?”

“He is okay. My brothers too.”

“How is mum?”

“Not so good” She is in the hospital.” Fred replied. “I think that is why he called. He is worried about her and lonely too.”

“I bet so. I would be too if I was in his shoes. Your mum really is his pillar.”

“She will recover soon hopefully.” He said.

His mum had been having issues with her health over the past few months. Having being diagnosed with Diabetes and high blood sugar, she has been so weak. Despite having medication to try and stabilize her, it seemed it was not working. At the moment, she was admitted at the hospital.

We we prepared for bed, Fred and I said a prayer to have the health of his mother back to normal again. We also prayed for the country for peace to prevail.

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