My office was getting a bit too cold. I stood up and walked over to the windows to close them up but I noticed a pretty little bird seated on the edge of the rails. It was a cute one. Blue with yellow feathers.

It looked my way then the other side before flying away. I returned to my seat.

A text came in. It was Ann.

“Girl, I need your help. Would you come over after work?”

I texted back and told her that I would.

I concentrated on my work for a while before going to have a meeting with the other managers at Mrs. Wright office. Although a short one, it turned out to be a very bad one. It emerged that the profits of the company for the past quarter had dipped! Dipped to an extent that we were almost incurring losses! Mrs. Wright was not happy and wondered why it was happening. The sales department had no progress whatsoever while the Marketing team had failed to clinch a high ranking client to join our business.

“Why is this happening despite having the team being compensated well?” She asked. “We do pay them well, don’t we Catherine?”

“Yes we do.” I responded.

“Can someone please explain this to me?” She asked. “Let us start with the Sales Department.”

As the managers tried to explain the situation, I was busy thinking about my career. I do not want this to come to an end. We have to do something.

We were to come up with measures to improve the overall business and focus on the employee productivity. As the HR, I was tasked in making sure that the employees understand what is required of them and use this to motivate or guide them to making sure that teamwork is involved in all aspects of duties allocated.

When the meeting ended, I took the my notebook and went back to my office. I was tired. I took my phone out and called the nanny.


“Hey.” She responded.

“I was calling to see if everything is going on well. Sorry we did not have time to talk in the morning. I was a bit late.” I explained.

“It is okay. I understand.”

“How is Chloe?”

“She is good. She is having an apple at the moment.”

“That’s good.” I said. “I may be late for like thirty minutes so please bear with me.”

“No problem. See you soon.”

“Take care.”

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