Change Position

The alarm startled me when it rang in the morning. Angrily, I threw the duvet to the end of the bed.

“Hey, don’t be angry with me too!” Fred shouted. I looked over and noticed that I had left him bare when I threw the duvet.

He rolled over, picked the duvet and covered both of us.

I laughed.

“We have to wake up.” I told him pinching his chubby cheeks.

“Yea, but I am so sleepy.” He said. “Wish today was Saturday. We could have slept in.”

“Don’t worry, tomorrow is Saturday. You will sleep all you want.”

He moved closer to where my body was and kissed me. His warm breath caught me off guard. I kissed him back. His left hand roughly clenched my buttocks. I responded by moving my body suggestively towards him. The kisses moved from the lips, down to the neck, boobs then settled on my stomach. He licked every part of it. By now, his hand was exploring my genitals by fondly touching it. I wanted more. I guided his hand and moved it to where the labia is and whispered to him what I wanted. He granted my wish.

The movement of his hands on my body gave me a quick stimulation which prompted me to be wet. He grabbed my legs, spread them wide and inserted his manhood inside me. His body took over because he started pumping quickly. As I enjoyed the action, he suddenly stopped, changed my position from missionary to doggy then continued.

After we were done, I lay on the bed for a few minutes breathing heavily. The sensation was too much for me. Fred was in the shower.

After we had prepared ourselves, we had our breakfast in silence. Fred was looking at me at every movement I made. I blushed each time. Guess the morning sex brought out all the shyness out. I went to Chloe’s room and found her already playing with her favorite doll. I wiped her, changed her diaper and clothes and we waited for the nanny to come.

We drove together to work. He dropped me off before proceeding to drive to his office. It was chilly so I covered myself with the coat and went inside. I pressed the number of the floor I was going to and waited for the lift.

Mrs. Wright, my boss, came and stood next to me. At first, I did not hear her. She walked and stood next to me and tapped my shoulders.

“Good morning.” She said.

“Good morning madam. How are you?” I responded.

“I am good. I have a cold that is weighing me down though.”

“I am sorry about that.”

“It’s okay. It will be over in no time.”

The lift doors opened and we both entered. A few seconds later, we were in the office. We went to each of our offices and started working. Since I had left work earlier yesterday, I had lots of work to do and catch up with.

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