The Reason Why

I sat near Ann at the lounge and held her hand as we were waiting for Mike to be released. She was sobbing silently.

“How can this happen while we have separated?” She asked. “How will I be able to care for him while I am still very angry with him?”

“Ann, you have to try. He really needs you right now.” Fred assured her.


A few minutes later, Mike was wheeled to where we were by a pretty short nurse. He stood up and hugged each of us tightly. We walked to where we had packed the car and drove off towards his place.

I was surprised to see the state of his house. Everything was on the floor. Medications, clothes, a pile of plates on the sink and the bathroom tap was left open. The cute table they had put on the television was dusty. I picked one of the bottles of medicine and looked at the name. Sleeping pills! He had tried to take his life by swallowing a bunch of sleeping pills.

“Mike, just have a seat on the couch.” I said. “Ill clean the house.”

Since Fred was looking after him, I went to the backroom and picked a mop, a small towel and the vacuum and started cleaning the house. It took forever. Ann on the other hand, was in the kitchen cleaning the utensils. She finished then cooked dinner. She then called her nanny and asked them to prepare her baby to sleep. She could not risk bringing the baby to Mike’s place incase Mike harms the baby.

We ate silently.

Fred and I decided to leave. Besides, we had to go and check on Chloe and prepare for tomorrow. We bid our goodbyes to Ann and Mike and we left.

Chloe was already asleep when we arrived. The nanny, obviously tired, was dozing off on the couch. She was startled when we came in. She excused herself then went to pick her bag. I apologized to her for being late. She left a few minutes later.

“Wow, that was a long day.” Fred said joining me in bed.

“Yes it was. I am so tired.”

“You know what?” Fred started. “Mike tried committing suicide because of Ann.”

“Huh?” I asked shocked.

“Yes, he told me when I was allowed to see him the other day.”

“But why?” I asked. “It was not like Ann was moving to another planet. They just separated.”

“Ann was the only person he has loved apart from his family.” Fred added.

“Speaking of which, did you call his family to tell him about his condition?”

“No, he asked me not to. He is too embarrassed.”


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