As we sat on the corridor waiting for the nurses to finish with Mike, we barely said a word to each other. Fred was seated facing the left side of the hospital while Ann was seated holding her head looking at the floor. She was sobbing.

“What could have led him to do something like this?” I asked loudly.

“I really do not know.”Fred replied. “Why do I feel like I let him down?”

“Let him down? How?” I asked curiously.

“I should have been there for him. Created more time for us to talk. Now, look at what has happened?” He said shaking his head.

“You can’t blame yourself for what he did. We will have to wait for him to wake up and tell us what pushed him through the wall.” I sympathized.

“But I am his best friend. I should know.”

“Yes, but he was not ready to talk to you about it.”

“I feel so guilty.” He responded.

“Don’t be.”

I looked over at Ann. She was now seated upright on the seat looking towards the door to the room where Mike was. Few minutes later, a nurse came out and smiled.

“He is awake.”

We all stood up.

“Is he okay?” Ann asked rushing towards the door.

“Yes he is but still weak.” The nurse replied.

“Oh thank God.” Fred exclaimed.

“Can we see him?” Ann asked.

“In a few minutes. The doctor should check him first. Ill call you as soon as he is done.” She said and left.

The doctor was called and came immediately. After a few minutes, we were able to see him but one at a time. Ann went in first.

We sat outside waiting for our turn. I could hear Ann’s voice. She was sobbing loudly. I turned and looked at Fred. He had heard it too. Without saying anything, we continued waiting.

Ann came out of the room crying. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. I stood up to hold her but she ran towards the bathroom. Fred held me from following her.

“Let her be. She needs space.”

Fred went in to see him then I did. He looked pretty knocked up because of the medicines. He managed to give us some smiles despite the embarrassment he felt. I could not ask him why he did it, so I let him be.

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